Our Christmas letter 2010

on Thursday, December 16, 2010

 Merry Christmas 2010

5th times a charm? Lets see if I can get through this letter on my 5th attempt. Once again, not surprisingly, my heart is cluttered and full of things to say, but getting an organized stream of info on the screen has been difficult this year. It has been a crazy year. We started out in Nicaragua, spent a short time in California, returned to Kelowna, moved on to Whitehorse, stopping in Alberta for a while on the way, only to return to Alberta and find ourselves sitting and waiting for the next “assignment”. It has been a season of running, walking, waiting. You name it, we have been there this year.

Our time in Nicaragua was nothing less than miraculous! It was a divine appointment that manifested God’s grace to us in awe striking and tangible ways day by day. It was a season of running, especially for Graeme. In the first couple weeks we were there, God arranged dozens of kingdom connections and the remaining 3 months were spent preaching, teaching and praying in many churches. We were amazed by the healings that happened when we prayed and taught others to pray. There was this constant realization that we were not enough, but we were wiling and we were obedient so God chose to use us. The desperation and hunger in the people we encountered was inspiring. We left with a confidence that we were in the right place at the right time and that God’s hand was on us to make a difference in Nicaragua.

After our time in Nica, we returned to Kelowna for a short season. It was a season of recovery and relationship building. We spent only a couple of months there, but in a very short time, God was knitting us together with other like minded believers at New Life Church. We often questioned what God was doing as we saw an acceleration in connection with several elders at NLC. For the first time in our lives, we felt lead to join this church as members. It was a confident decision, but we were perplexed as to why God was doing this just before we were going on the road again.

In July, Graeme and I were heading for Whitehorse. We were excited to visit family and had already made connection with a small foursquare church there. The church had some hopes to start a school of ministry in the future and we were hoping to work with them toward this goal. It was a beautiful summer. All of my siblings and their families managed to make it to Whitehorse (or be in town for those who live there) for a 10 day family reunion. It was so fun to have all 26 of us together. We enjoyed bbqs, fishing, boating, walks and swims. A great time was had by all and many memories made. The summer was an amazing time of getting to know my nieces and nephews and keep building relationships with my family. I loved the cuddles and the coffees, the board games and the chats. It was a special summer. I hope for more just like it in the future.

Our time with the church in Whitehorse was also exciting. I was privileged to help lead worship for the summer. It was stretching for me, but I loved the extra time I was afforded to practise playing piano and just get lost in God’s presence. Graeme loved every opportunity to preach and teach. He was leading a weekly meeting meant to build up the local leaders. We were so blessed by all that God did in our family and in the church while we were with them and excited about all that God has in store as they continue to seek revival in their own hearts and in their church.

We left Whitehorse in October hoping for an opportunity to return to Kelowna. We knew that God was building something there and our hearts were drawn to be a part of it. Unfortunately, the couldn’t see the grace to be there right away. Finances and lack of opportunity kept us searching our hearts and the Lord for wisdom and direction. The word for the moment was to wait. So wait we did. We have been in Irricana, Alberta now, with Graeme’s family, for 2 months. They have been so gracious, making us feel welcomed and comfortable. We are truly thankful for the homes we have been given all over the world. This season of waiting has given us the time to get to know our nieces better and help Graeme’s sister with her new baby. It is such a joy to be part of their lives.

Our season of waiting has almost come to an end. Graeme and I have been connecting with leaders at New Life Church in Kelowna and Wesley and Stacey Campbell. We have been invited to come and help them with a school of ministry that they are building. Graeme and I have committed to help them through the spring. A generous family that we don’t know, has offered us a place to stay Dec. 20th through January and another family offered us a place for the month of February. They are both house sitting opportunities so we will be alone as a family in their houses which is a treat. We are excited about this opportunity, but a little nervous as well. We have been challenged, once again, to come to a place where we know that the commitment is beyond us and requires our dependency on God to move in power to accomplish what we hope for.

Please hold us in your prayers as we will you, praying for God’s Holy Spirit to work in you both to will and to do according to His good purposes.

We love you.
Chris, Graeme, Caleb, Bailey and Ben


Mark and Pirjo said...

We are so excited to know you are returning to Kelowna and working with the Campbell's in their school of ministry. We have no doubt that all of the experiences you have had and battles you have won, has equipped you to fulfill God's plan for that ministry. As we missed you the last time you were in K-town, our hearts desire is to make sure we see you and spend some time catching up in person. Safe journey back, much Love and blessings.

Imelda Aracelly said...

Love you all and thanks for this update!!!

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