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on Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Well, first things first. I guess it is time that I apologize for my lack of contact over the past few months. Can't believe it has been months since our last update, especially when so much has gone on over the summer.

The last update I posted was mid-May. Graeme and I with the kids were still in Kelowna, blessed to live with great friends for a couple months. We headed to Alberta for about a week or two to spend some time with Graeme's family in Irricana on our way to Whitehorse. It was some fun catch up time and now we are here in Irricana again. Graeme's sister, Wendy, just had their third baby a week ago. She arrived the day before we did. Her name is Ainsley and it has been such a joy to get to know her and spend some time with her big sisters, Sydney and Mackenzie, and the rest of the family.

In between these two Irricana visits Graeme and I spent a few days in Edmonton on our way to Whitehorse and again on our way back. We have another great friend there. Her name is Lana and we go way back all the way to youth group in the late 80's/early 90's. She has generously put us up a couple times now so we could spend time with her, share her church family and have some family time at West Edmonton Mall. Lana also graciously shared a mechanically inclined family friend with us a couple weeks back when our alternator went on us and we were at the mercy of high priced tow trucks, mechanics and parts. She and a friend, with his family, drove two hours north to meet us and help replace the part. They were such a blessing. Thankful once again for the kindness of friends and strangers. God's got our back.

We arrived in Whitehorse the last week of June. We were there in time for the kids to get a free ride to camp. Bailey and Ben went as campers and Caleb went as a counsellor while I spent the week in the kitchen helping with food prep. It was a fun week. The kids made new friends and had some fun times with their cousins. It was a challenging week for Caleb learning to be a big brother to a lot of unchurched and often rambunctious boys, but he went to chapel every night with the kids and one of the nights he had an awesome encounter with God and it changed his whole outlook. He was excited to go back to camp a couple weeks later as a teen camper. I also enjoyed the time. My sister, Sue, organized our being able to be part of camp and she and I worked together in the kitchen and shared a camper all week. It was fun to chat, laugh, cook and play scrabble together. It was a special time together.

After the kids and I returned from camp, I was on duty. We stayed with my brother, Clayton, and his family. Clayton and Candice had identical twin girls last November and also have 2 little guys so their hands are full. Clayton had to travel several times for work this summer so we were happy to be there to help Candice with the kids. My days were spent on family visits, kids outings and walks, baby feedings, changes and playtime. We loved the time we got with Clayton and Candice and the rest of the family. They made us very comfortable. Graeme and I had our own room as did Bailey, while Caleb and Ben shared a large rec room with their cousins. It was a great set up and we were excited to have some time with my family in Whitehorse.

It was an awesome blessing when my brother and his family and my sister with her family travelled to Whitehorse. We had a 10 day family reunion with all my siblings and their families. We had bbqs and fishing trips and play time at the park. It was special to all be together for the first time in several years.

While Graeme and I were in Whitehorse, we were invited to be part of a small foursquare church there. My parents and my brother's family have attended there for a while. The pastor of this church has been considering starting a school of ministry for some time. The development of ministry schools and equipping the saints is heavy on mine and Graeme's heart so we were drawn to commit to help this church for a few months. We were not sure what role we would play in helping the church out this summer, but were eager to make ourselves available to them. Shortly after we arrived in Whitehorse, Graeme started meeting with the pastor. When he was confident in Graeme's vision and heart, he wanted Graeme to start doing some teaching. Meetings were held weekly on Monday nights already, but the focus shifted a little as the pastor wanted to see his church moving with a culture of honour. Graeme started teaching weekly and was preaching occasionally in Sunday services too.

I was also stretched in our commitment to this church as I took on the role of worship leader for a season. Most Sundays I was leading the worship and a practise on Thursday nights. I have always been more comfortable in the background so this was a challenge to me. Preparing for worship was quite involved for me and usually took the better part of a day to nail down a list of songs and keys for the Thursday night practise. It was easier and easier as the summer progressed and I became more and more comfortable flowing by the spirit. I truly discovered this summer that "I love I love, I love his presence." and that was my heart and focus each time I was choosing songs. It was a growing season for me in this area.

While we were there, between teaching and relationship, we were excited to see God moving in restoration and reconciliation in the relationships around us. It was a blessing to see the hunger and passion on this body for God's presence and to see him move among them. Toward the end of our time in Whitehorse, many people were telling us that we needed to stay. God was moving in such amazing ways, but there was something in our hearts and in the air that said it was time to go. We are drawn to be part of what God is doing in Kelowna and we wanted to take some time to spend with Graeme's family.

We are now in another season of waiting. God has taught us to watch for the grace and so we watch and pray. We are trying to be present where we are at and not always look toward what is not here yet, but still our hearts are longing for an opportunity in Kelowna. We also have hopes and dreams about touching other nations with the message planted in our hearts so we are open to whatever the Lord is going to lead us into. There are open doors for us in a couple of places, but we are yet to feel a confidence that it is what God has for us in this moment. Please hold us in your prayers while we renew our strength and wait on the Lord.



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