Didn't realize how thirsty

on Monday, January 4, 2010

2222 - the numbers that kept showing up on my clock, signs on the road, the license plate in front of me, the price on the item that I happened to look at. About a week ago I was getting inundated with 2s so I took some time to research the meaning of 2s and through some study I found a scripture in Revelation that says "I have put before you a door that no one can shut." I felt that the Lord was telling me that we were right in obeying the call to prepare for Nicaragua and that no man would hinder what the Holy Spirit was calling us to do. It gave me peace and helped me to encouraged Graeme each time he started to worry about our date with Homeland Security at the US border.

This is definitely a testimony of God's favour because this was such a smooth time at the border. They did call us inside to answer some questions, but they only asked 2 and kept us for about 15 minutes and then they handed us our passports, thanked us and sent us on our way. For hours, Graeme, Jamie and I pondered the many questions that the border guards never bothered to ask us. We couldn't believe their lack of concern after all we had been through at the border in years passed. We are so thankful for a testimony that will set the standard for our faith in future border crossing moments.

We arrived in Redding after 1am and we all got up early to get to church in the morning. The kids were so excited to get to see their friends and we felt so privileged to wade once again in refreshing waters. It was an awesome worship service and we were excited to hear Heidi Baker speak. Her passion to release tenacious love was completely inspiring and a pointed reminder of what our purpose is in Nicaragua and in Christ. We were even more blessed to return to the evening service and hear her again. I love her heart. Lining up for a fire tunnel at the end of the night was the icing on the cake. The presence of the Holy Spirit fell so strongly on me, true to His word to come whenever we call, He showed up in such a powerful way that I could not stay on my feet. I kept standing up and the weight of His presence kept pulling me down, the sweetest weight I could ever feel. It was beautiful. I was so thankful for this encounter. Ohhhhh, how I have missed the presence like this. It's not that I couldn't have had it at home in Kelowna, just that I had forgotten how good it was. I forgot to contend for it. I forgot to set everything aside and wait because the reward of His presence would be so overwhelming that nothing else that I gave my time to would have felt missed.

How can I make myself remember? How do I remember to not forget? What will be the string on my finger? It's like intimacy with my husband. How often does it feel like I don't have time ... I'm too tired ... I've got too much on my mind and then some days I just manage to go there with my heart and my mind and I am so glad that I did. Our relationship feels refreshed, our connection feels strong. It felt worthwhile no matter how hard it was to get there. That's what the presence is like. When you get in that place when you can feel that intimate connection with the Holy Spirit you just feel like ... "wow. I forgot how good it was to meet with you. wow ... Lord, I missed you." And I know he was always there, just like Graeme is always there next to me, but it's amazing how close you can be positionally and even how well you can know someone yet be completely disconnected. Oh, Lord. Don't let me forget again.

I've got to be being filled. I can't settle for last weeks anointing just like Graeme can't settle for last weeks kiss. It's not just about me needing connection, it's about giving the Father His glory due and His glory is displayed in us moving in tune with the spirit. The Lord goes before us to prepare a place, but even more my heart cries out, Lord be there with me. Let your presence be my bread, I don't want to let a single day rest without it.

May your encounters be many and your hunger deep.


amieedwards said...

This may well be my favorite blog! love you and so encouraged to hear all he's put in you leaking out!

Susan said...

you make me cry Chris! Love your heart and your desire for the Father. I need to remember too!

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