A little Christmas info with pics.

on Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Christmas picture this year. Christmas in Kelowna with friends and family. Great times. It's only a week til we head out to Nicaragua. There is going to be a lot of work this week, but we are excited and things are coming together. God's provision has been miraculous and the generosity of friends and family a true blessing.
Caleb had fun this Christmas, time spent hanging out with his cousin Eric, playing some of his new video games and reluctantly taking many spare moments to work with his sister on spanish. He and Bailey are doing so well at memorizing vocabulary.
The older two, with one of Bailey's BFFs, Sarah, had fun at New Life youth group this year. They went to a formal Christmas party as the last youth night before Christmas and were disappointed to find that there would be no more youth before we left for Nica.
Bailey was thrilled with some fun clothes that are warm weather appropriate for Christmas. She says she wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up. I'm thinking I should invest in a small sewing machine one of these days so she can figure out if this is really what she wants to do. She's a little nervous these days about making new friends in Nica, but still a little excited for the trip. She is looking forward to visiting friends in Redding on the way, but sad about having to say goodbye to the cat and friends and family in Kelowna.
Ben has discovered his love of rhythm this year. Some friends gave us a set of drums and he found himself drumming on almost everything but! He would play them at times, but he's so social that he didn't want to be in his room alone to play them. He got these portable electric drum sticks. He can go anywhere in the house and listen to his music and his drumming through ear phones or share the rhythm with us on occasion through the computer. He's also feeling a little anxious about making friends, but still a little excited for the trip. I think they will be happy when we are settled in there. He has no problems making friends. I don't think even a language barrier will hinder his friendliness.


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How fun! The family looks great!

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