Packing .. yet again .. yuck!

on Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Well, we are in the thick of things. We have to be out of our house by midnight tomorrow so the new renters can move in on the first of January. Oh my goodness, boxes everywhere, a room full of give aways, a room full of "store this", a garage full of "move to the barn" and "take to the dump". My feet and back hurt and I am sooooo tired. I worked really hard yesterday, but truly moped around a lot feeling stressed by all that needs to happen in such a short space of time. Honestly, I'm feeling a little irresponsible and disappointed in myself too. Once again I am feeling the consequences of procrastination. And if that isn't stressful enough, Ben is only now feeling the weight of the fact that we are leaving again. I'm frustrated with the fact that I am so busy and there is so little time to just be there for him and make him feel safe. Pray for me that God will give me peace and that I will have the wisdom to know how to transfer that to my kids. Grandma is coming over today to visit while we pack. I'm hoping she can play some games with the kids and they can just enjoy her. I think that will give them some peace. I know the pace we are keeping the last few days is enough to stress out the most laid back.

We were encouraged yesterday with some conversations with Ben George. He's leading the initial team to Managua for the conference that we are helping with. We were supposed to pay a fair sum of money in order to stay at the resort, but it turns out that the resort is overbooked due to the overwhelming attendance of locals to this conference, so the team is having to be put up at the Pastor's home where Graeme and I have already arranged to stay. This means that we have our sleeping arrangements covered for the conference with our agreement with this pastor. The only thing we need to pay for now is gas for the outreaches and food. Yay God!

This pastor is Ricardo Hernandez. He has offered to rent our family 2 rooms and the full use of his home and laundry facilities including utilities and internet for $700/mo. We will only have to buy and prepare our own food and probably figure out a local cell phone or something. God has been so faithful in our preparations. Living in 2 rooms with another family is not what we would have normally chosen, but our heart is to influence and impact and what better way than to live with the pastor of an influential church in Nica. The church is called Verbo. There is lots on the web about them if you want to google them.

This update will have to be short and sweet. I have to get back to packing and cleaning.

Here are a few details and prayer points:

- Peace in our house and efficiency so we can be out of our house on time and leave it in great shape for new renters.
- For the kids hearts, that they would not be afraid of this move, but look forward to it. That this journey would be an adventure not a drudgery.
- For our road trip to California, we leave on January 2nd, for safety, clear roads, favour at the border, fuel economy :)
- For our flights, on January 8th out of SanFran at 8:30am - leg room please Jesus :) No problems with checking in all of our baggage!

Trying to get pumped about going, but my mind is in other places.


Susan said...

We pray PEACE over your plans in Jesus name. May the Holy Spirit be in your home today with a heavy presence and guide and direct your every move and decision. May He orchestrate your every move over the next 3 months starting now and may he give you ears to hear what the Spirit is saying even in the chaos!
We love you all!

Koop Tribe said...

as I read your post I remember how we were right were you are just a few short months ago. It is a crazy time! But God is so faithful. It is hard with the kids as you know, how they all process it so differently. My little encouragement is how God has caused my kids to love where we live......even in the midst of being terribly home/friend sick! He has spoken so clearly to each on of them about being here and I will pray the same thing for you. Blessing Blessings Blessings and peace that only comes from above on you and your household during this time!

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